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Studio Apartments in Pasadena

Studio Apartments in Pasadena

Studio Apartments at Brookmore in Pasadena

Brookmore Apartments in Pasadena, CA features an idyllic blend of modern conveniences and nostalgic character. Nestled in a fully-restored, 1920s historical building, Brookmore offers residents an array of studio apartment floor plans to suit their individual needs. Our community has also been featured on ABCs Not Dead Yet, showcasing Brookmore's remarkable architecture, stunning views, and all-around excellence! 

At Brookmore Apartments, studios have emerged as a popular choice among our residents. Our well-designed living spaces are perfect for individuals looking to simplify their lives. With reduced clutter, minimal cleaning, and lower maintenance requirements, studio living translates into a more comfortable, stress-free lifestyle, all while minimizing living expenses!

Living in a studio apartment in Pasadena empowers residents to prioritize building relationships and forging connections within the community. Our modern amenities and communal spaces such as our dog run, laundry facility, and business center are readily available for residents to enjoy. We also offer a complimentary continental breakfast for our residents every Friday morning, further fostering a strong sense of community over good eats! Furthermore, Brookmores prime Pasadena, CA location (just one block from Old Town!) encourages residents to explore the city, discover new hobbies, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Brookmore rec room

Embracing sustainability and reducing one's carbon footprint have become essential considerations when selecting a home. Studio apartments are an eco-conscious choice, requiring less energy and producing minimal waste compared to larger residences. Not only does this lead to reduced utility costs, but it also beneficially contributes to environmental conservation.

If your career involves a daily commute or frequent travel, residing in a studio or micro unit apartment offers modern conveniences and cost-effective rent, eliminating the need to seek out a roommate. Brookmores close proximity to Old Town Pasadena, the renowned Rose Bowl, beautiful parks, and diverse shopping situates our apartment community in a very highly-sought Pasadena location. Our adjacent location to the metro and public transit will make your daily commutes a breeze!

Brookmore exterior

Thinking about moving into a studio apartment? You may be in the process of downsizing your belongings to fit into your new space. Deciding whether to keep, donate, or discard items can be challenging, but consider the significance of each item in your daily life. Evaluate whether you truly need an item, if it holds sentimental value, or if it will just collect dust. If parting with some belongings proves difficult, investing in a storage unit could be a practical solution. (For local Pasadena storage options, explore Public Storage!)

When organizing your personal belongings in your studio apartment, invest in storage solutions that seamlessly fit into your living space. Explore vertical door and wall racks, over-the-door shoe organizers, kitchen wall racks, and multifunctional furniture like ottomans and coffee tables with built-in storage. Additionally, consider browsing furniture stores like Wayfair for pieces that perfectly compliment your studio living environment.

Discover Brookmore: a charming, historical apartment community nestled in the heart of Old Town Pasadena! Studios at the Brookmore Apartments are the ideal choice for those seeking community, modern conveniences, and quaint city living all in one package. Discover our studio apartments for rent in Pasadena, CA today!